It is Time to Revive the Organizations!

2 min readMar 15, 2021
Revive Work

We have been stuck in an unpleasant work-life cycle emerged as a result of our past, mechanic world understanding. However, thanks to teal organizations, all other self-management pioneers and progressive organizations that inspires us. We are close to the end. We can finally move towards a more libertarian business approach in which people have the awareness and freedom to achieve self-actualization to create more value both for business and humanity. We are entering a new era in which we are reviving a meaningful work understanding!

“We believe that “work” can be redefined, for the benefit of larger communities, by supporting presence of individuals, enabling self-actualization of themselves, and by questioning the traditional approaches and habitude in order to create a more humane way of working that delivers more value both for the business and for the world.”

But how? How can one organization boost its value delivery via transforming themselves from a static, bureaucratic state into a living, progressive organism? That’s the question we are dealing with for the last few years to help companies to practice self-management and bring joy and meaning to their organizations. This is where we end up with Revive; a guidance to self-renew an organization based on self-management.

Check our Mural template to start to use Revive.
Check our Mural template to start to use Revive.

Revive Principles:

Revive emphasizes three baseline principles;

  • Humanize
  • Make it unnecessary
  • Decentralize

Guide your work, actions and behavior to flourish self-management based on these 3 principles. Remember, every purpose and organization is unique. There is no off-the-shelf solution for achieving your purpose. Therefore, while you are reviving your organization, try to keep these three baseline principles in your mind and in all your actions and activities, try to check your direction according to these principles first.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback!




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