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Dream work, dream world!

As you may know, Buurtzorg is a rapidly growing non-for-profit healthcare company that makes transformative changes. In this company the driver belief is humanity over bureaucracy, and one can see it through their every words even. Buurtzorg is a flat organization which has about 1000 teams of professional nurses that are self managed. The processes are simple yet achievements and employee engagement are high.

As Restartlab, we were very happy to have Gertje Van Rossel from Buurtzorg at our first event of the year, explored the details of Buurtzorg model and culture together with her. Her talk was so inspiring that, I like to share you some of my personal notes and quick tips from her talk;

1. People mirror culture. Gertje’s genuinity & openness! Still making me feel warm!

2. Self managing team is a tool not a goal. So always start with why? Define a purpose and use self-managed as a tool in order to reach that.

3. The key element of a self management philosophy is a well defined vision and a guiding framework that declares fundamental aspects of freedom & responsibilities.

4. Receiving feedback continuously directly from the customers is the key to ensure the quality of a service. Besides, the internal peer to peer support among our community itself is important.

5. 22 Coaches for about 1000 teams are always keep on hearing the voice of the system and ready for support.

5. The secret of way of working of Buurtzorg is ownership of processes. Decision making, reacting/ responding culture.

6.With the help of transparent dashboards everyone knows who works on what.

6. CEO/ Boss always keeps on hearing the sound of the company. Each voice is valuable.

7. Buurtzorg overcomes crisis and though times with solidarity, speaking out and feedback.

8. The vocabulary you use and the conversations should be different if you want to transform to a self managing organization.

9. Sincere Trust!!

10. Self management is a challenge for leaders not for employees.

11. Keep it simple for the teams & keep it simple for the client.

Gezin Cankat Acarbay

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